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2008-04-19 16:50:04 by Ganderzz

Haven't been doing much in animation but I have learned more on actionscript, Tile Based Games and such. I have a couple game ideas on the way so look forward to it!

Pretender Collab

2008-03-31 18:50:19 by Ganderzz

I'm doing something for the Pretender Collab (Based on the song). Dunno when It's all going to be done but my part is almost done. Mine is mostly minimalistic, but I'm trying Vcam and using that to help capture more.


2008-03-24 23:54:50 by Ganderzz

Click Here

A new game I'm making (If you haven't knoticed, I get distracted easily.) Should be done in a week or two, since next week is spring break. Suggestions are welcome! Only one level on the demo and the full thing will be harder.

Blak n Wite

2008-03-17 01:38:32 by Ganderzz

Blak N Wite
A new animation I'm making. It's about a guy whos name is Chunk of Love, of course, his specialty is Love. Should be pretty funny, I will post more about it later since I only have the title screen and some of the first scene done.


2007-10-21 00:20:31 by Ganderzz

No one here should know me but I'm getting back into flash. Hopefully I'll get some things in soon ;)